Falling in love with the world: Two day Wilderness Walking meditation, February 2023

A wilderness walking meditation (yatra) practice.
Guided by Julie Downard 

This ancient and sacred tradition of pilgrimage, walking together in silent contemplation, present, open and receptive, is a beautiful way to connect with our world and each other. Periods of silence will flow into periods of spoken connection as we take the time to enjoy nature, the movement of our bodies, and the simplicity of travelling lightly on this earth. Together we will create something much greater than the sum of our individual parts.  This retreat is open to families, with children welcome (and not expected to be silent!). 

Dates:  Friday 24 – Saturday 25th February 2023

Location: Mt Somers, Woolshed Creek Hut. This is an easy 2-3 hour walk which will take around 5 hours because of the pace of walking meditatively. The hut has been booked for the Yatra participants. There is space for camping outside the hut.
See DOC website for further information, including a map of the area.

We will rendezvous at the Woolshed Creek car park and walk the route to Woolshed Creek (@5km “easy tramping”, according to DOC).


  • $65 per adult, $25 for children* (School age and under; *limited places).
  • Dana for the teacher.
  • This is a self-catering retreat. Please bring your own food for lunch and dinner on day 1 and breakfast and lunch on day 2, and any snacks.

Huts have basic facilities. As well as your own food and clothing , you’ll need to take:

Woolshed Creek Hut
  • A sleeping bag
  • A cooking stove, pots/pans and utensils
  • Food for the two days 2 lunches, a breakfast and a dinner plus snacks
  • Toilet paper
  • Your own rubbish bag for carrying out your rubbish
  • A torch
  • Swimming togs!

Registrations close 23rd February. Online registration

Practical details: 

Day 1, Friday 24th: start time 11am, Woolshed Creek Carpark (see map).

Yatra walking will be gentle, slow and in silence.  There will be breaks for sitting practice and lunch.  We will arrive at hut around 4pm. 

We will not be maintaining silence in the hut. There will be guided instructions during the day and a dharma talk offered in evening

Day 2, Saturday 25th February: Begins with a morning sit, breakfast, and a 9.30am departure in silence, returning to the car park. 

Things to note:  

  • This is an ‘all weather retreat’ and will take place unless there is a particularly significant weather event.
  • There are places for 19 adults and 5 children on the retreat as this is the number of bunk beds in the Hut (even if you chose to bring a tent). There is limited space for families with children under 15 (School age and under)

Bring:  sturdy shoes, weatherproof clothing, something to sit on outside, own food and cooking equipment, torch, sleeping bag