Spring Retreat 2023 : Santuary in Uncertainty

Jeremy Logan and Di Robertson

29 September – 6 October, Staveley

We are delighted to welcome Jeremy Logan and Di Robertson back for our Spring retreat at Staveley, the first spring retreat there since 2020.

Spring Retreat 2023: A Sanctuary in Uncertainty

Dates: Friday 29th September – 6th October.

Cost: $320 (160) * plus dana

Venue: Staveley Camp, Canterbury

Sanctuary in Uncertainty

In these unprecedented times of radical change and uncertainty, a new world is being born. Courage and compassionate presence strengthen us to face into the chaos and not turn away. With wisdom and determination, we can move forward together to create a world based on justice, kindness and shared resources rather than on greed, hatred and delusion.

The practices of Insight Meditation support our inherent capacity to awaken to wisdom and open heartedness. In recognising our own suffering, and tending to that, we recognise our interconnectedness and see that our personal welfare and happiness, is intimately interwoven with the wellbeing of all.

This silent retreat is suitable for both those new to meditation and those with experience.

Inquiries & Registration:

Registrations are now closed because the retreat is full. We often get cancellations close to the beginning of the retreat so if you still want to attend in the week prior to the retreat you could email Southern.insight.meditation@gmail.com to find out if any spaces have opened up.

Costs:  retreats and courses are set to be as affordable as possible to cover the cost of the retreat itself. Teachers receive dana. A sliding scale or subsidised rates for those on a limited income is available.  Speak to us about our “top up fund”.

**A note on Dana:  Registration fees do not cover any payment to teachers for their teaching. They will receive only what you offer as dana.  Dana is a gift by each person in the spirit of generosity to reciprocate the teachers’ sharing of their depth of knowledge and expertise. The amount given is up to the giver.

About the teachers

Di Robertson has 30 years experience in insight meditation. She has taught beginners’ courses since 2000, and retreats since 2015. She lives in Ōtautahi / Christchurch and is a co-founder and trustee of Southern Insight Meditation. Di also works as an ecologist and counsellor and is a step-parent and grandparent.

Di Robertson

Jeremy Logan Jeremy has been involved in Insight Meditation since 1984 spending several years in the east and in Europe learning and practicing meditation. He has been teaching retreats throughout NZ since 1992. Jeremy currently lives in the Wairarapa working as manager of a community counselling and family violence prevention centre and has a small private counselling practice. 

Jeremy Logan
Jeremy Logan