Sharda 2-Day 2020

Autumn: Two-day non-residential retreat With Sharda Rogell.

Sat 21  2020 doors open 9.00am for 9.30 start  to 4.30 pm Sunday 22nd at Te Ahi Kaa, Harewood, Christchurch

Cost:  $70 * plus dana (koha or donation for the teacher)

Registration:  Please register online by March 15 to let us know you are coming.

Theme: The Path to Five Spiritual Powers

The Buddha clearly laid out a map for us to follow in order to brighten our mind and strengthen our compassionate heart. As a pathway, he identified five spiritual powers that are accessible to all of us once we uncover the mental patterning that gets in the way of developing these qualities. During this retreat, we will learn to identify the five powers and identify the five mental and physical patterns that interfere with having access. We will practise being mindful of these patterns when they arise and learn to let go while we engage in sitting and walking meditation, as well as discussions together. Unless we have tools for how to work with these difficult patterns, they can hinder our spiritual unfolding. This weekend is sure to be a support for your daily meditation practice and will bring more trust, ease and joy into your daily life.

Everyone welcome, whether beginner or experienced meditators

About Sharda

Sharda Rogell

Sharda Rogell has been practising and teaching meditation for nearly 40 years and teaches worldwide. Sharda has been influenced by many different Buddhist traditions, as well as by her root teacher, H. W. L. Poonja during her many trips to India. Sharda is also a long-time student of A. H. Almaas in the Ridhwan School. She is currently on the Teacher Council at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in northern California near her home and is the guiding teacher for the Regina Insight Meditation Community in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Sharda has been a regular and warmly welcome visiting teacher for Southern Insight for almost two decades. The two days will draw on the meditative tools of sitting and walking meditation, dharma talks and group discussions to steady and sustain us and to awaken our compassionate heart.

Lunch:  Please bring your own, hot and cold drinks supplied.


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