Awakening Joy

Awakening Joy – the 10 steps to happiness

This is a course specifically designed to increase our joy and support our wellbeing.  Julie Downard is offering the course locally again this year.   We meet on the first Wednesday of the month and the evenings are open to all. Each evening will include a sit (maybe 20 minutes), a check in, some background to the topic and some exercises / sharing etc. The first Wednesday of the month will include: people signed up for access to the online material, those not signed up this year who have done the course in a previous year/s; and those completely new to this material, are not signed up and who just want to come along and hear and explore the topic on any first Wednesday.

Each monthly theme inclines the mind towards a specific wholesome state, bringing awareness to the gladness that accompanies it.
1. Intention (March)
2. Mindfulness (April)
3. Gratitude (May)
4. Joy in Difficult Times (June)
5. Integrity (July)
6. The Joy of Letting Go
7. Loving Ourselves
8. Connection with Others
9. Compassion
10. The Joy of Being