Half day with Sharda, hosted by Di Robertson, via Zoom

SIM very happy to welcome Sharda Rogell via Zoom for a half day retreat with us at the Mary Potter in Christchurch. We will gather together and Di (who has taught 9 day retreats with Sharda over the last couple of years at Te Moata) will be the onsite teacher as we “beam” Sharda in.  

Sharda has taught day long retreats with us for many years. We had to cancel last year’s retreat with her as our borders were closing at that time. We are delighted to welcome her here this year via Zoom.

Riding the Wave of Aliveness
After more than a year of the global pandemic as well as many other
challenging issues we are currently facing, most of us have felt our
heart strings pulled in many directions. In this half day silent retreat, we
will explore how our dharma practice helps to keep us buoyant,
propelling us to make wise choices for ourselves and others as we meet
our experience just as it is. We will inquire together into the nature of
selflessness as the key to wise action, as we free ourselves from
polarizing views that get projected inwardly and outwardly.
During our time together, there will be sitting and walking meditations,
dharma talks and time for group discussion about our practice, as well
as time for sangha connection.
All are welcome.

Where: Mary Potter, 442 Durham Street North, St Albans, Christchurch.
When: Sunday 9th May 2021, 9am-1pm.
Please arrive for registrations by 8:50 am. We note this is a slightly early start for a Sunday – we needed to fit in with California time. Please bring your lunch if you would like to share time together after the retreat. 

Cost: $15, please pay by internet banking: Southern Insight Meditation Kiwibank 38-9017-0230890-04. This cost covers venue and administration.

Register on line. Please register online by Wednesday 5th May, numbers limited for venue size. 

Dana for the teacher: please bring cash or pay online at the venue- we will provide account details on the day.

Sharda Rogell¬†has been practicing meditation since 1976¬†and teaching worldwide since 1987. She is on the Teacher’s Council at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California. She is also the founder and guiding teacher of the Regina Insight Meditation Community in Canada. Along with her training in the Theravada tradition, she has been influenced by the non-dual teachings of Advaita and many teachers in the Tibetan tradition. She has been a student of A. H. Almaas and Karen Johnson in the Diamond Approach for 20 years. Her primary interest is awakening and integrating the heart/mind as embodied presence/awareness.

If you have any queries or problems registering:
Email southern.insight.meditation@gmail.com or
Phone Sarah on 027 6693 824